Virginia is now a Joint Affiliate of AACVPR! This means that we will no longer be offering state only VACVPR memberships, but instead our members will be joint AACVPR and VACVPR members.  This dual membership, or Joint Affiliation membership comes with a host of benefits that we are excited to be able offer our Cardiopulmonary Rehab Professionals in Virginia! To transition AACVPR has given us the opportunity to sign up early to receive our benefits!!

Joint Affiliation membership automatically includes the AACVPR Professional Membership AND the Education Advantage Membership!

To join, visit and click the Join button at the top. You will go through the steps to create a member profile – please note, if you have a current AACVPR profile but cannot recall the login information, contact to have it reset .

Professional Membership

As an AACVPR Professional member, you will receive: